Why Become a Qualified EV Charger Installer?

Becoming a qualified installer of EV charge points is ideal for electricians and contractors who want to expand their businesses. As the number of registered electric vehicles continues to grow, adding an additional qualification ensures a business won’t miss out on potential opportunities. Potential reasons for becoming a qualified EV charger installer include:

  • There are over 1.7 million electric vehicles registered on the road from May 2024
  • Government grants require OZEV qualified installers only
  • Additional revenue streams thanks to the growing demand for EV charger installers

Sustainability continues to be a focus for both the government and businesses, as many look for ways to reduce their impact on the environment. This heightened focus and additional objectives therefore provide extra opportunities for electricians and contractors to support this rising demand.

Becoming an EV Charger Installer

The Role of an EV Charger Installer

An EV charger installer is responsible for setting up electric vehicle charge points, ensuring they function correctly and safely. This includes everything from assessing installation sites, handling electrical wiring, connecting chargers to power sources, and performing routine maintenance checks. The role may also involve troubleshooting and repairing existing installations, as well as upgrading systems to accommodate new technologies.

Common challenges EV charger installers may face could include complex site conditions, stringent regulatory requirements, and evolving technologies. By taking the time to gain practical experience as well as a strong understanding of EV charge point products, electrical contractors can cement themselves as a reliable expert in the industry.

A Growing Market

The increased number of registered electric vehicles on the road, alongside multiple government grants that provide funding domestically and commercially, highlights the increased need for skilled EV charger installers.

Some reports suggest that electric cars accounted for around 15% of new car registrations in March 2024. Figures from the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles appear to support this increased demand across the UK. 

  • Government grants have supported the installation of over 400,000 charge points
  • January 2024 showed more than 53,600 available public charge points installed
  • Over £6 billion investment into gigafactories and EV manufacturing

There has already been significant investment and commitment in the UK to increase the number of EV charger installations, and by becoming certified, installers can look to capitalise on ongoing opportunities.

Improved Relationships with Housing Developers

EV charge points are rapidly becoming a core requirement for modern housing developers. For example, the landlord at Chalkhill Apartments in Wembley sought to provide their tenants with EV chargers while undergoing an extensive refurbishment. Previously regarded as a luxury, the increase in registered electric vehicles on the roads has prompted housing developers across the UK to view EV charge points as a necessity.

If the future of property development incorporates electric vehicles, then electrical contractors need to ensure they are qualified and ready to provide the full installation services required. And as more households, businesses, and public spaces require charging solutions, trusted EV charger installers could soon find themselves indispensable with developers.

Installation Requires Certification 

EV charge points funded via the various Workplace Charging Schemes must have the site audited by an OZEV approved installer. Additionally, the charge points themselves also must be installed with an approved installer. Deta.e EV charging sockets follow the same principle, in that they must only be installed by installers trained and approved by the company. 

Interestingly, becoming an approved Deta.e EV charger installer is relatively easy. The training is free, and ensures electrical contractors have all the information they need before installing the charge points. 

  1. Register interest via the form 
  2. Follow the email link to confirm login details 
  3. Login to Deta.e and watch the training video 
  4. A certificate will be delivered after completion of the training 

Once approved, certified installers will be provided with access to a proprietary app and unique access code required for commissioning. they can install the Deta.e OZEV-approved charge points. 


For electrical contractors, becoming a qualified / approved EV charger installer is an easy way to capitalise on a growing market. The increase in electric vehicles, the acceleration of electric vehicle charge points across the country, and the financial opportunities available for qualified installers makes it a worthwhile sector to explore. There have even been new laws recently coming into force to ensure electric vehicle drivers are provided with easier and more reliable public charging.

The switch to electric has shown demonstrable progress, and ongoing innovations in EV technology that provide even more opportunities for those looking to stay ahead of competitor contractors to get themselves a bigger share.