Why Install EV Fleet Charging Points?

Equipping your business with effective EV fleet charging is a crucial step towards success. The electrification of commercial fleets can improve a company’s sustainability efforts, while also helping them to meet their environmental objectives.

However, there are challenges including the utilisation of EV fleet charging points to ensure all your vehicles, from cars to vans, have access to reliable charging upon their return. Implementing a high-quality EV fleet charging infrastructure as soon as possible can provide:

    1. Minimised downtime for electric fleets
    2. Improved business sustainability and reduced carbon emissions
    3. Optimised warehouse efficiency through strategic EV charging placements

Knowing the multiple benefits EV fleet charging points can bring is the first part in understanding why they are a smart investment.


Why Invest in EV fleet Charging?

Reduced Downtime for Improved Operational Efficiency EV fleet charging points reduce the periods of downtime for all fleet vehicles. This helps to optimise operational efficiencies by ensuring cars and vans are road-ready regularly, which in turn improves the effectiveness of a commercial fleet as they spend less time on site, and more time travelling to customers and clients. Additionally, EV fleet charging can also take place during off-peak hours or even overnight, helping to further improve productivity and reliability.


Meeting Sustainability and Environmental Objectives 

Businesses across the world are working to reduce their environmental impact. Actions like reducing product packaging or installing energy efficient lighting fixtures are just some of the improvements the public may see a company make in their sustainability efforts. Implementing EV charging points or electrifying a commercial fleet is one change that demonstrates an even more significant effort to lowering greenhouse gas emissions. For any company looking for ways to meet their environmental objectives, implementing high-quality EV fleet charging points is an excellent long-term step towards those goals.


Save Money with Government Grants

Proactive steps towards developing and implementing an EV fleet can also help to alleviate the initial financial impact that is to be expected. Instead of postponing the installation of EV fleet chargers, companies can take advantage of the many government grants available if they are hoping to flip the switch to electric.

The Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Grant for Staff and Fleets provides small and medium-sized businesses support when installing new EV fleet charging points until the 31st March 2025. This includes: 75% of the cost of the work, up to a maximum of £15,000 5 grants across 5 different sites Up to £350 per charge point socket installed Up to £500 per parking space enabled with supporting infrastructure Companies looking to make the switch to an electric fleet should make sure they utilise these grants before they expire.


Meet the eVoomXT

A smarter, superior charger ideal for commercial EV charging. Designed to make the smart simple, the integrated touchscreen and modular design allows easy user interactions alongside simplified installation.

Additionally, the eVoomXT is a cost-effective option for EV fleet charging, thanks to the cooling functionality. This feature means that even when operating at full power, the charger’s temperature 10°c on average lower than competitor chargers. This extends its life by more than eight years, reducing the business costs on replacements and repeat installations. For more information about the award-winning eVoomXT, visit our website by clicking here.



Investing in an effective EV fleet charging infrastructure for a warehouse is the ideal way for companies to meet their environmental and sustainability goals. As the UK government strives for net-zero, the rise of commercial electric vehicles continues to play a large part in reducing carbon footprints. High-quality EV fleet charging points ensure vehicles can operate more efficiently with minimised downtime.

Want to find out how we can support your business deploy EV fleet charging points? Reach out to our team on 01582 544 500 or email us at sales@deta-e.co.uk so we can help you take the first steps towards evolving your warehouse.